10/20mm GRAVEL SMALL BAG (20kg)

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Washed Shingle (gravel) resembles river rock and its shiny appearance is popular in home landscapes & Driveways, planter gardens, and decorative drainage projects.

Washed gravel is suitable for many different construction applications making it an exceptional, useful and versatile material. It’s often used in hard landscaping for drainage purposes, has multipurpose use in various building applications and is also sufficient for driveways, footpaths, planting borders and pipe beddings. 20mm washed gravel when mixed with sand and cement will provide ballast for high-strength concrete.

Washed gravel can also be used as a decorative stone in driveways and patio projects. This type of gravel is used mainly to create the appearance of a bare river bed. It can also be designated for flower beds, bordering planting strips or aesthetic appeal such as curbing or decorative stone.

Washed gravel is ideal for weed elimination, as it creates a barrier blocking weeds from growth. If you are using 20mm washed gravel as a decorative surface don’t forget to purchase a suitable membrane or geotextile fabric to ensure protection from weeds.

Our 20mm washed gravel is an ideal alternative for surfacing pathways and drives at a comparably low cost and without the need for additional laying expertise. 20mm washed gravel is unlikely to get stuck inside car tyres, making it a perfect bedding material for driveways.

To make washed gravel, the crushed stones have to be passed through water to loosen and clear away dirt and dust from the rocks. After that, it also has to be screened to remove any debris that doesn't belong.

The washing process removes any natural material from the loose aggregation of rocks such as mentioned above - dirt, clay, slit or crushed rock dust which may otherwise stick to the gravel or bind pieces of gravel together. Washing gives gravel a cleaner, smoother, gloss-like appearance.

Features & benefits:

 - Minimum bulk bag weight 850kg
 - Multipurpose use in various building applications
 - Used for decorative purposes.
 - A stone mix of varying weights and sizes.
 - Ideal for drainage, surface dressing and pipe bedding.
 - Used for weed suppression 
 - Locally sourced.