ACO Hexdrain Plastic Channel Drain A15 - 1m

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Product Description


ACO HexDrain is a plastic A15 load class channel drain built from recycled polypropylene for high strength and high durability. Designed with 8 possible outlet positions, this unique A15 channel drain can be used in domestic drainage projects such as along garage thresholds, landscaping projects and a range of DIY garden and patio applications. Both the ACO HexDrain base and grate come in 1m lengths and the base has markings at 500mm for easy cutting and measuring. 

The ACO HexDrain drain channel grate locks into the top of the base easily, friction-fitting with anti-shunt technology so that the grate won’t move out of place or come loose. The grate that comes with the ACO HexDrain base is manufactured from recycled polypropylene too but you’re able to purchase a range of attractive, sleek grates in other materials such as galvanised steel and cast iron so you can customise your channel drainage. The ACO Complete the Look grating range features 9 grating options. 

Other advantages of opting to install ACO HexDrain include that the channels clip together for quick fittings and no additional fixings, plus the endcap can be used with both male and female connections. 

For more information on ACO HexDrain, it’s applications and available gratings, please contact our helpline on 01752 692 221. Order before 12 noon for next day delivery.

ACO HexDrain dimensions

Length: 1000mm
Load Class:
Slot Size: 6mm x 50mm