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Feel the warmth with Autumn Brown Indian sandstone. This gorgeous stone is a natural mosaic of warm light and dark browns with some greys, greens and a golden yellowish-beige. It wouldn’t look out of place anywhere. But it carries a timeless charm, making it perfectly suited for old houses, traditional designs and especially rural settings and patios. Autumn Brown is also sometimes known as ‘Autumn Blend’. 

This stable and reliable stone is guaranteed to enhance your living space and radiate a feeling of warmth all year round. The colours actually intensify in wet weather for a little cheeriness when it's raining. Autumn Indian sandstone colours are perfect for those more attracted to the reddish overtones of brown, instead of the more typical beige-green and grey features of many other stone types. 

Other great features of Autumn Brown sandstone:

  • Natural riven surface for an authentic finish
  • Hand-dressed edges for a natural, organic feel
  • Hardwearing — ideal for garden patios & paths 
  • Stunning appearance, wet or dry
  • Low-maintenance
  • Well-suited for UK weather 
  • Livens up large areas that might otherwise look bland
  • Non-slip, even when its raining 
  • Robust — once down it will last for decades 


 - 600 x 900mm

 - 600 x 600mm

 - 600 x 290mm

 - 290 x 290mm

all 22mm calibrated