BARLEYSTONE Granite Block Paving - GRANITE GREY 1m2

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BARLEYSTONE Granite Block Paving

Granite paving is a beautiful , sophisticated paving brick. The natural sparkle of the granite will enhance the appeal of your property.

Manufactured using natural granite aggregate and shot blasted to expose the natural sparkling granite, the Barleystone Granite range is a must if you are looking for luxury.

Granite is one of the most durable and strongest paving blocks, making it ideal for high foot traffic areas for it will last a lifetime. The natural appeal will set any project apart with lasting and distinctive visual warmth

  • The 1m2 pack contains three sizes to enable a varied laying design.
  • Suitable for Driveways and Footpaths in domestic and commercial settings.
  • 60mm thickness
  • Each brick has a textured granite aggregate finish