Blue Circle Mastercrete Cement 25kg

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Blue Circle Mastercrete Cement is a multi- purpose cement which offered a more workable mix and superior performance compared to ordinary cement.

Product details

  • Size: 25 kg
  • Colour: Grey
  • Package Type: Plastic Bag
  • Certifications Met: BS EN 197-1
  • Type: Cements
  • Brand Name: Blue Circle

    Features & benefits

     - Enhanced resistance to freeze/thaw attack reducing cracking in your concrete
     - Weatherproof plastic packaging allows cement to be stored outside in all weather saving waste and indoor storage space
     - Shelf-life of up to six months allowing re-use in multiple jobs
     - Consistent Strength meeting all the conformity criteria in BS EN 197-1
     - Mastercrete is a quality assured cement with independent third party certification and carries a CE mark
     - Masterctrete's weatherproof packaging is 30% more environmentally beneficial than paper packed cement due to less material wastage
     - Recycleable packaging
     - Skin contact with wet cement, fresh concrete or mortar may cause irritation, dermatitis or burns