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Cotswold chippings, named after the limestone-rich Cotswolds region, are made out of limestone giving them natural, warm hues. They are excellent aggregates that will blend seamlessly into any landscape and brighten the area.

They come in a characteristic blend of creams and beiges and thanks to their angular shaped chippings, they are very functional in landscaping projects. Cotswold chippings can be used in a wide range of applications and are ideal for lining patios, paths and borders and make one of the most popular choices among our clients.

These limestone chippings are a foolproof product not only thanks to their decorative aspects but also because they offer great drainage functions and are an excellent natural weed suppressant. They are also suitable for use as toppers for potted plants, in planting areas, rockeries and around water features.

Thanks to the already mentioned angular shape, the stones lock together providing traction and stability. Hence, Cotswold chippings are great to prevent movement of the surface. They also lay flat easily which makes them comfortable to walk on.

We always recommend using a membrane between the base of the trench and the top layer of Cotswold chippings. This ensures that chippings do not mix with the base layer or the soil and will prevent unwanted weeds from growing through the aggregates.

Cotswold chippings can be used in building to create improved concrete mixing - it provides the strength and durability, but also decreases drying shrinkage in the concrete and lowers the possibility of alkali-silica reaction (known as “concrete cancer” - the term used to refer to the rusting of steel reinforcements that are contained within a concrete slab that appears overtime).

To clean the Cotswold chipping, spray the rocks with a high-pressure garden hose to rinse off dirt and dust. Rake them frequently to ensure that they turn regularly between cleanups.