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Recycled Crushed Concrete (Bulk Bag or Loose Option)

Recycled Crushed Concrete is made of a selection of hard debris professionally recycled from other construction or landscaping projects and typically reused during the construction of hard standing areas such as Driveways, Patios, Concrete pads etc.

Recycled crushed concrete is very popular among our clients' thanks to the low cost, strength, durability and endurance. 

Is Recycled crushed concrete sustainable?

Concrete takes up permanent space in landfills, having a big contribution to environmental issues and concerns. Crushed concrete is recycled from concrete ‘waste’, which makes it the most environmentally friendly choice within all building materials and aggregates. It is not biodegradable, meaning it will not decompose. 

Recycled crushed concrete is most likely to be used combined in a sub-base layer.

Can recycled crushed concrete be used for a driveway?

Our Recycled Crushed Concrete is a great driveway sub-base layer choice. Adding recycled crushed concrete to driveways projects is a great alternative and more cost-effective solution compared to regular sub-base materials.

By adding a recycled crushed concrete layer under a concrete slab, it provides a levelling surface for the foundation. If you skip this step and simply pour concrete onto the area, the concrete will be exposed to elemental erosion and will most likely cause cracking and sinking over time. 

Benefits of crushed recycled concrete:

 - Multipurpose use in various building applications.
 - Minimising the negative impacts on the environment.
 - Permeable.
 - Locally sourced.