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Premium Topsoil

Our Premium Topsoil is ideal for landscaping, as a base for new beds and to prepare areas for turfing.

It is fully BS3882:2015 compliant and it is rigorously tested on a regular basis to make sure that it is the perfect partner product for your project.

The top soil is up to 80% sand and up to 20% silt & clay – the maximum stone size you will find is 10mm.

Please note that our Topsoil is not sterilised so there could be some annual weeds in it – although rare it could happen, these can be removed by using your usual annual weed management techniques.

It can be used in multiple applications, including:

  • Perfect for turfing and seeding
  • Classed as sandy loam and it is screened to 10mm and smaller
  • Dressing damaged and heavily used areas of lawn
  • Areas affected by soil erosion

Our Premium Top Soil in Bulk Bags comes in a minimum of 800kg weight.

Loose aggregates priced per 1 tonne. Loose option - collection only.