ProJoint™ RapidFlow™ Brush In Porcelain Paving Grout - available in 4 colour options

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ProJoint™ RapidFlow™  Brush In Porcelain Paving Grout - Four colour options

The quick and easy solution to filling joints between porcelain paving. Simple to use, ProJoint™ RapidFlow™ allows an untrained hand to consistently deliver perfect joints every time - precisely formulated for porcelain paving but equally suitable for natural stone paving.
It delivers a weed free, frost resistant joint, without staining the paving - saving you time and money.  ProJoint™ Fusion™ is supplied in two vacuum-packed pouches within the tub.

  • Contractor-sized 12.5kg tubs - product supplied in two bags for easy handling and to minimise waste
  • Precisely formulated for Porcelain Paving
  • Professional strength and suitable for joint widths of 3mm upwards
  • Cement free and non-hazardous
  • Suitable for pedestrian traffic: ideal for paths and patios
  • Pre-mixed, ready to use and ideal for DIY use
  • Also Suitable for natural stone paving.