Raimondi Easy Bucket

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The Raimondi Easy Bucket is ideal for cleaning grout from walls and floors. The wash basin is equipped with 5 snug-fitting disposable plastic bags to make it easy to remove and dispose of grout residue and dirty water. Now it’s no longer necessary to clean your wash bucket after use!

It comes equipped with the Raimondi Sweepex sponge float, grating, handle and wheels. The two rollers are mounted on wear-resistant sockets with a 15° inclination. This prevents the sponge float from touching the bucket rim, so avoiding water dripping. The rollers have relief edges, again to avoid dripping when squeezing the float. The high capacity durable plastic tank reduces the need for frequent water changes. Its shape avoids any sharp edges so it cleans very easily (should you run out of plastic bags).