RUBI Diamond Grinding Flap Disc 115mm 200 GRIT RED

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RUBI Diamond Grinding Flap Disc 115mm 200 GRIT RED

The range of LAMINATED DIAMOND BLADES is especially recommended for grinding ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, sintered stone and natural stone. These blades are highly recommended for grinding edges and small surfaces, so they are excellent for the execution of mitres and bevels with grinder. LAMINATED DIAMOND BLADES include an aluminium adapter with an M14 coupling thread, adaptable to any standard grinder on the market. This aluminium adapter will help reduce vibrations and provide better stability during work.

The diamond blades are electrodeposited and facilitate rapid grinding with a great final finish.

The range of LAMINATED DIAMOND BLADES is available in two diameters: 115 mm and 125 mm and each one in different grain sizes to guarantee both an adequate grinding process and the best final finish. The grain sizes available are: - #50/60 - For the initial and more aggressive roughing. - #100/120 - For medium roughing. - #200 - For final roughing, non-polished finish. Facilitates a subsequent polishing and polishing process (compatible with the use of flexible discs for POLISHING).

The maximum recommended speed of use is 10,500 rpm (diameter 115 mm) and 9,650 rpm (diameter 125 mm).