RUBI Suction Cup With Vacuum Pump 18919

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RUBI Suction Cup With Vacuum Pump 18919

The suction cup with vacuum pump is ideal for loading and handling heavy materials regardless of the type of surface finish. The suction cup with vacuum pump adapts to both smooth and rough surfaces, as well as those with varied (structured) textures. 

The diameter of 20cm of the suction cup with vacuum pump, is perfect for the manipulation of large format tiles or ceramic sheet. The manual vacuum pump is easily activated with a single finger and is equipped with a safety mark that indicates the loss of suction and reminds us of the need to pump again to retain the vacuum load in the suction cup. In addition, the vacuum suction cup has a manual pressure release valve to easily remove the suction cup from the manipulated material. The vacuum pump Ø20 cm is served in a practical case-suitcase, to protect and transport it with maximum safety. A suction cup in poor condition is not safe or reliable.

  • Size: 20cm
  • Maximum Load: 110kg
  • Pressure Release Mechanism