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Sharp Sand (or concrete/coarse) sand is the ideal sand for laying block paving upon. It also makes an excellent 'stiff' mortar mix for laying all types of patio paving on.

The Sharp Sand we offer is delivered in large bulk bags. 

One bulk bag will cover approximately 8m2 (coverage is calculated assuming a depth of 5cm).

Minimum bulk bag of sharp sand packed weight 850kg.

Loose aggregates priced per 1 tonne. Loose option - collection only.

Sharp sand, being general-purpose sand it is also used for lawn top dressing and internal floor screeds. It is normally used where more strength and less flexibility is required.

As the name implies the sharp (or coarse) sand contains less of the smaller particles than the soft sand. Therefore sharp sand should only be used for concreting jobs, while soft sand should only be used for render or mortar.

 Features & benefits:

  • Suitable for screeding and external rendering sand
  • Consistent colour and quality
  • Suitable for laying slabs and block paving