Spectre Bit Set S2 31 piece

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Spectre Bit Set S2 31 piece

  • 31 piece S2 Philips/Pozi/Hex/Slotted/Torx compatible bit set.
  • S2 heat treated, hardened steel for exceptional high strength and durability.
  • Shock and wear proof.
  • Precision machined tips.
  • 1/4" hex shank.
  • Finish: 'S2' grade steel.

Set contains:

  • PH1 x1, PH2 x2, PH3 x1.
  • PZ1 x1, PZ2 x3, PZ3 x1.
  • H3 x1, H4 x1, H5 x1, H6 x1.
  • SL3 x1, SL4 x1, SL5 x1, SL6 x1.
  • T10 x 1, T15 x1, T20 x3, T25 x3, T27 x1, T30 x3, T40 x1.
  • 60mm bit holder x1.